What is TheZombiesBot?
It is the Twitch Chat Bot built by gfaUnDead.
This bot helps with moderation and chat interactions!


CommandMessageUser Level
!aussienetAussie internet has struck again, this is the (count aussienet +1) time it's failed us!Everyone
!userjokeAmazing joke (at.user)! That's the (count userjokes +1) joke told by the community!Everyone
!coinflipIt's: (random.pick 'Heads!' 'Tails!')Everyone
!howTo request a song, use !sr songName artistNameEveryone
!g4a/me If we're recording episodes for YouTube, these are uploaded to our sister channel, GamingForAustralia, fun fact, that's where GFA comes from. Check out all the episodes here:
!discord/me - You can join the discord at this link:
!giveaways/me - We host giveaways when we can, this is done over on Discord, so please check the Discord Server for more updates on giveaways.Everyone
!kofiSupport me on Ko-Fi for additional perks on discord!
!youtube/me - All streams are uploaded to YouTube, check it out and follow at this link:
!youtubeclips/me - We also have a YouTube Channel just for clips, make sure you're subscribed there too:
!allsocials/me - To view all of UnDeads Socials visit:
!cmds/me - To view the full list of commands, see the website here:
!dspsaveWe hope to never do this again!
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