What is TheZombiesBot?
It is the Twitch Chat Bot built by gfaUnDead.
This bot helps with moderation and chat interactions!


CommandMessageUser Level
!wishlist/me - Steam Game Wishlist:
!soHey, did you know ( is amazing? Well they are, they are the best!VIPs
!ssoHey, did you know ( streams to? They're pretty fun to watch as well! You should go give them a follow over at, where they were last playing: (game (
!rsoHey, ( thanks so much for the raid! If you're not already following ( you should go give them a follow over at, where they were last playing: (game (
!awaygfaUnDead is away getting some coffee/tea/food or even a bio break. Enjoy the music!Mods
!swearLANGUAGE! You've sworn (count swears +1) times now, stop it.Everyone
!swear-Removed 1 from the swear count, the count is now at: (count swears -1)Mods
!setgameSet stream game to (game)Mods
!settitleSet stream title to (title)Mods
!lovegfaundLOVING There's (random.1-100)% gfaundLOVE between (sender) and (to.user).Everyone
!hoursWe currently have (housr.api) in (game). /or\ We don't have any hours for this game.Everyone
!projectCheck out the project over on Github:
!tip/me - You can tip/donate using this link
!xpstore/me - Want to use your bot points, please visit the StreamElements store to spend them. (user) you have (user.points) to spend at:
!lastmessage(user) last message was: (user.lastmessage)Everyone
!tweet/me - (lasttweet.api)Everyone
!lick(at.sender) gives a big tongue-swinging lick to (at.user). There have been (count licks +1) licks given out, ewww!Everyone
!kiss(at.sender) gives a cute kiss to (at.user). There have been (count kisses +1) kisses given out.Everyone
!wwcmds/me - To view the full list of commands, see the website here:
!scheduleMy Twitch Schedule is always kept up-to-date, make sure you check it out for your timezone:
!table(user) has aggressively flipped the table! The table has been abused (count tableflip +1) times.Everyone
!returntable(user) feels bad for the table and puts it back! The table has been righted (count tablestand +1) times.Everyone
!throneCheck out my privacy-friendly wishlist at If you buy me a gift, your name will even come up on Stream!Everyone
!goldstar(to.user) you've been given a gold star from (sender)! There has been (count goldstars +1) given out.Everyone
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