What is TheZombiesBot?
It is the Twitch Chat Bot built by gfaUnDead.
This bot helps with moderation and chat interactions!


CommandMessageUser Level
!lurk(name) is loading their magazine to fight the zombies. gfaundLURKEveryone
!back(name) has returned from battle, their fight was victorious! gfaundHIEveryone
!followage(name) has been following for: (time)Everyone
!followers/me - We currently have (number) FollowersEveryone
!followed(name) -> You First Followed on: (date) - (time)Everyone
!watchtime(name) has spent (time) watching & (time) in chat.Everyone
!lastseen(name) was last seen (time) ago and last active in Chat (time) ago.Everyone
!playlist/me - You can view the playlist at this link:
!birthdayThere are (time) days (28th January) until my birthday!Everyone
!christmas(time) days until Christmas!Everyone
!linkGo to the Discord Settings menu and select “Connections”. Choose the Twitch icon and follow the prompts to sign in to the Twitch account.Everyone
!subscribeIf you'd like to become a Twitch Subscriber and support the stream, check out the products page here: - When you've subscribed use the command !link for instructions on how to join the sub-only discord channels.Everyone
!uptime/me - We've been online for: (time)Everyone
!game(name), We are currently playing (game)Everyone
!ticket/me - TICKETS!!! Thank you (name)! (count tickets +1) have been collected!Everyone
!hug@(name) give a big hug to @(toname). There have been (count hugs +1) hugs given!Everyone
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